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"Creating my bestselling book with Debbi Dachinger was a dance! What was supposed to be a challenging process, became a smooth ride of ever expanding possibilities. Debbi has a way of making things work with grace and ease! My book not only became a bestseller, it became Number 1 International Bestseller in 12 countries! A result totally beyond my expectations! Thank you Debbi for your brilliance and for making my book shine!"

Susanna Mittermaier, International Bestselling Author, Clinical Psychologist, Access Consciousness Facilitator

“WOW! Deborah, this was the BEST investment I’ve ever done for advertising! Thank you so much – I am so glad we have connected. You are just a blessing on this planet to help others feel better and share important messages. I do hope we stay in contact as we watch each other’s rise in success.”


“My client, the one who signed up with me after listening to us on your radio show, well she is nuts about you, as am I. She listened to your interviews and raves about them. Just thought you should know that you touched yet another life! You certainly have touched mine in so many ways.”

Tamara J. Green

“Who is Deborah Dachinger? If you haven’t heard of her you will trust me. I know her as the next Oprah. Deborah is passionate powerful and compassionate. Deborah is an unique one of a kind on-air personality who believes in human kindness are equal in every way to the kindnesses Oprah has extended to people down through the years. I discovered Deborah quite by accident and have found listening to her radio show to be quite addictive. She is smart, articulate and speaks with a passion about the human spirit that I rarely hear on talk radio any more. After listening to her Radio show I always come away feeling lighter and brighter and more enthusiastic about my life, my goals and my Dreams. Not many people touch my soul the way Deborah does. She inspires her listening audience and people like myself to greatness and not many people have the ability to do that. Deborah is definitely my new Oprah!”

Frederick Zappone

"Thank you for your generosity and making us feel so comfortable and special. I see why you are a shining radiant star!!!"

Heather Askinosie, Founder/Creator
Energy Muse

"You were fabulous to work with!!! thought you might like this cute photo of Toby at dog beach!!! Just resent some photos for you. Thank you so much Deborah, we loved working with you and so look forward to staying in touch."

Charmiane Hammond

"I have stumbled upon your radio show while searching similar topics. LOVE your show its very inspiring – you send a message that is so true!!! I admire you because you clearly have mastered your life and by sharing this you inspire others to do the same. LOVE THE SHOW!!!!"


"Hi Deb, I'm still in the glow of your incredible charisma!! You are truly an inspiring angel with a positive vibration. That was so fun I can't tell you special it was. Thank you for the fantastic job you did on making me sound good and for the thoughtful questions dished out in lively conversation. It was so disarming the way you knew my family - names and all. I felt like you were a long lost cousin with a great take on the family story. Thanks for the great marketing opportunity you have given me and my book and all the extra hours you give to make the interview super fabulous!!!!"

Sharrie Williams

"The interview was amazing, informative, heart opening, inspiring and light. Wow! Really - just special. Thank you."

Makeda Smith, PR Agent

"Deborah, You are absolutely amazing! You knock my socks off! You absolutely deserve every award you have received. Thanks so much for everything!!!!!!!!"

Janet Smith Warfield

“I achieved bestseller domestically in several categories and Number 1 Internationally in several book categories. I’m so glad that I hired Debbi. When I first spoke to her I asked what I’d have to do; she said I’d be responsible for giving her a few links to things that already existed, and approvals on work that she would do. I remember thinking to myself, “<li>Yeah, right. There will be more for me to do</li>.” Well there wasn’t! The process was simple and seamless. Everything went exactly as planned. Debbi also set up several radio interviews for me to receive additional exposure. She coached me on what to with my “bestseller status,” and on aspects of running my business that I did not expect. Here I am now, the book has been successfully launched, I’m an international bestselling author and excited about everything it will bring.”

Bev Flaxington

"Thank you Deborah. Watching and listening to how comfortable you are putting yourself and your beliefs out there is a great example. Thank You again for your great questions, you made it so easy."

Victoria Marihart

”Deborah is her own radio ROCK STAR; she really inspired me to talk about things I never considered saying on air live! She's well read, knowledgeable, and really does her homework. She knew more about me then I knew about myself. (laughing) I just loved the synergy she created and how the interview flowed so naturally while she asked me all kinds of questions about how I got into the creation of Sex Butter and why. Like I said, "Deborah is one smart woman and a true inspiration." She made the interview so natural and casual, as if two friends were sitting having a conversation over coffee at a Starbucks. This beautiful goddess is definitely going places. She really get’s it and it shows! Thank you, Deborah, for an amazing experience - I am so grateful!“

Bonnie Stern

"Dear Deborah, I truly enjoyed my time with you on Dare to Dream last night. You are fabulous at what you do and gifted beyond words. I've done a few shows over time but none have been as gratifying as my time with you. I really appreciate you having me on and loved your style, professionalism and ease. If ever the opportunity presents I would like to do something else together. 🙂 Our paths I am sure will cross again. Also thank you for all of the work you've done promoting the show I greatly appreciate it."

Melissa Watts

“Dear Deborah, It was wonderful meeting you and taking part in your show. I agree with Kelli that you and Nanci would have become very good friends. Thanks for being such a huge help in getting the word out about this terrible disease. I wish you nothing but Health and Happiness in the New Year. Thank You for being You.”

Mike Sargent

“THANK YOU!!! What an amazing day that was yesterday!! I was telling Rick how much we enjoyed yesterday and how much we appreciate your kindness, warmth, genuine interest, your incredibly inspiring character, and for portraying the cause in such an accurate way. You actually remind me of my Mom. Everyone always felt like she was someone they had known forever even if it was just a second and you have that same effect. And Mom sure loved hugs! I feel so blessed and honored to be on your show, for the time you spent with us, for all your marketing tips, and spreading the interview EVERYWHERE! So great. Happy New Year and THANK YOU!!”

Kelli Sargent

“A good teacher is like a Candle. It consumes itself to light the path for others to take their stride. Debbi Dachinger has been my teacher and a trusted friend in a while now. I am using this venue to express gratitude. For I can say clearly that since I connected with her, my steps are safer, surer and my path is clearer and controlled. Debbi, Thank you!!!”

Warie Blip Porbeni

“Debbi Dachinger is a brilliant radio coach!  She adeptly sensed where my block was and with skill and grace moved me through it.  Her years of experience shown as she guided me into a space of greater confidence and skill.  If you want to boost the effectiveness and comfort of doing radio interviews, Debbi can help you like she did me.  I highly recommend her." - Deborah Sandella PhD, RN,  “Goodbye Hurt & Pain, 7 Simple Steps to Health, Love and Success,” Award-winning Author, International Speaker and Creator of RIM

Louise Sattler

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