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Anita SanchezDr. Anita Sanchez was born into a large family (120 first cousins!) and she is proud of her Mexican American and Native American cultures. She began her life with many gifts.   At the same time, there was a secret that she hid from others. She is here to share with us her triumphant story of surviving nine years of incest from age 4 to 13, which ended when her father was murdered in a racial incident. In spite of those violent beginnings, she is a thriving woman of Color who is committed to positive change and happily living her dreams. For 38 years, Dr Sanchez has led her company, Sanchez Tennis & Associates, as a powerful consultant, trainer and speaker to leaders in international businesses and non-profit organizations. Anita is a member of the 150-member Transformational Leadership Council, whose members include luminaries such as Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, and Don Luis Miguel.   Her training and consulting in diversity & inclusion, culture change, resilience and communication has strengthened leaders and their teams from Hewlett Packard, ATT, DuPont, IBM, Xerox, Conoco, Xcel Energy, National Association of Independent Schools, the Nature Conservancy and many more. Dr. Sanchez has delivered enormous results with her work, and she is passionate about bridging indigenous wisdom and leadership, bringing together the heads and hearts of people around the world. She will be the first to tell you that we each possess a myriad of gifts that the world is calling us to recognize in ourselves and to share with others–the time is now for positive, yes-transformational change in your life, in your organization, in your community:

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