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The 5 Steps of: HOW TO Successfully HOST RADIO
(Hint: It’s Easy and Fun)

Gain quickly on the competition – become a radio host to promote your message and easily become visible. Being in the media spotlight works wonders for your business and easy connection to influential others and potential clients to get ahead!

In This Radio Host Program, You’ll Receive.

  • Host your own talk radio show (or podcast) and have a great time doing it.
  • Enjoy the 5 Steps to be an Exceptional Radio Host. The entire system is in this program – so you are EXTRAORDINARY.
  • Learn how to host your own program so your radio or podcast show begins smoothly, you know exactly what to do and what to expect, with terrific hosting skills.
  • When you’re ready to start a program now, I can introduce you to a 20+ years established radio station with loyal listeners. Your show can air right away on a great station where you’ll have your own radio show web page, producer on line during your show, listeners, call-ins and more. I deliver a complete radio host package.

Radio Talk Show and Podcast Host Training

Know How to Host an Amazing Radio Show You Love Doing?
Understand How to Host Your Show on a Great Station

  • Learn how to put your radio show or podcast together.
  • Information for how to be ready to be on air.
  • Learn how to be a relaxed, successful host with your own program.
  • If you interview others, know what to look for in a guest and what to request.
  •   Learn from Debbi Dachinger who excels at radio broadcast and podcasts. Debbi is known on both sides of the microphone: she is interviewed weekly in media sources, and Debbi her own multi-award-winning, syndicated radio and podcast show. Debbi built her radio show from 0 listeners to 2+ million and is now heard on 66 syndicated radio stations and 15 major podcast sites.
  • Let Debbi’s insight be your ticket into the world of radio and podcast. Debbi provides over a decade of radio expertise, over 20 years’ entertainment experience, is a multiple international bestselling author, success and media expert, keynote speaker, and provides unique hosting information in this easy system, because you deserve the best coaching.
  • Debbi provides over a decade of radio expertise, over 20 years’ entertainment experience, is a multiple international bestselling author, success and media expert, keynote speaker, and provides unique hosting information in this easy system, because you deserve the best coaching.

Interested? Find out more

This program is so easy and will get you going now – it is the super starter and you will be a pro by the time you utter your first words into a radio or podcast microphone with lots of listeners. This will help as you go for it! Radio and Podcasting are tremendous avenues to get your voice and message quickly out into the world.

Want Your Own Radio Show?

This Program is for you!

You can go to an expensive school and get a degree in journalism, media productions, or political science and never get on air. Because the bottom line is: it is all about your talent and ability. If you desire a radio or podcast show, a successful option is to work quickly with an expert to learn the business. Work directly with someone who already hosts a successful, award-winning, syndicated radio show for over a decade, and is also interviewed as an expert on media. You can be radio ready in weeks.

Discover How to Be a Radio or Podcast Host

Who is this class for?

  • Beginners who have never had a radio show, but desire one
  • Those who have hosted, or currently host a radio show and want better results

Who Makes a Good Host?

Do people tell you you’d be good on the radio? If you’re here, the answer is likely ‘yes.’ Perhaps you’re also:

  • Opinionated
  • Smart
  • Funny
  • Well-informed
  • You like to talk
  • People listen when you talk

Most importantly, the idea of being heard on air to voice your views, debate various topics and influence public opinion excites you.

Congratulations! You’re radio talk show host material.

Having some – or all – of these characteristics means you have the potential to be a successful talk show host. But keep in mind…you’re still a diamond in the rough.

Even rough diamonds require someone skilled to bring out the qualities that help them shine brightest. This same principle applies to all radio personalities. The best radio hosts initially relied on someone more experienced to help them develop their natural abilities.

The best way to learn how to be a radio host?

Get some good skills…with the help of someone in the know.

The best way to learn how to be a radio host is by acquiring the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to do the job. If you want to be successful, here are the two most important tips anyone can offer you:

  • It’s critical to know how the radio broadcasting industry actually thinks and operates. Understanding the mindset that drives the industry is important if you want to know how to be a radio host.
  • You need a winning strategy for breaking into radio broadcasting that works with the flow of how the industry operates. Having someone inside the industry to guide you gives you a great chance at success.

The ultimate teacher for aspiring radio talk show hosts

The best qualified person to develop your natural skills is a working and experienced radio host. The reason is simple: They already do it for a living, and they know what it takes to succeed.

If you work with a mentor, you can access their knowledge and contacts and leverage their broadcasting experience to work in your favor by shortening your learning curve. Their experience is directly passed on to you.

A mentor working inside the industry can offer you:

  • Insider knowledge about the tricks of the trade passed along while working inside a radio station.

First-hand experience with breaking into the business.

The little-discussed secret to becoming a radio talk show host

Your chances of realizing your dream of becoming a radio host are greatest when:

  • Practical – You’re learning in a hands-on, learn-by-doing environment.
  • Reasonable – You choose the station and format you’d prefer to work in
  • Education – You receive one-on-one coaching and valuable feedback.
  • Transferable – You can host your own online radio talk show after the tele-class ends
  • Affordable – Your tuition fees are 85% lower than any broadcasting school.

Ready to Be a Talk Show Host?

Talk show hosts prepare and deliver content for broadcast. Hosts often focus on one topic, such as books, politics or sports. They choose the program’s topics and guests, conduct interviews, speak with call-in listeners on the air and host special events.

Has someone told you that you have a voice for radio? Do you like to meet people? Are you an expert in your profession? Do you have a keen grasp on current issues? Are you witty, intelligent and have a sense of humor? Do you have the gift of gab? Or are you a great listener? If you have one or more of these qualities, you have the foundation to become a radio talk show host.

Host your own online talk-radio show

What you have to say is always important and what you know is meant to be heard! Whether you’d like to discuss the Latest News, Love & Relationships, Sports, Politics, Health, Spirituality or Transformation – consider this program your NEW HOME!

Hosting your own radio show will:

  • Provide you and others a forum to discuss what’s important to you.
  • Allow for true expression in a global environment.
  • Potentially influence your listeners.
  • Give you and your listeners an outlet to have fun in an informative and entertaining program.
  • Give you a platform to showcase your specific expertise to your target market and/or audience.
  • Help you earn additional income through the marketing of your show and business.

In this Program you will learn:

  • Your show’s topic and name
  • How to be on the radio and be the host of your own show
  • Type of show you desire to do
  • Learn from hearing participants be coached. Valuable!
  • Potential Internet Radio stations to host your show on
  • Be radio ready within weeks
  • Researching features that will come up during the radio show
  • Planning the direction of the show. This may include writing and scripting in preparation.
  • Meeting guests for the radio program beforehand and discussing the outline of interviews
  • Introducing music, guests and other features throughout the show
  • Ensuring the smooth running of the radio program
  • Conducting interviews with guests in person (either live or recorded beforehand)
  • Reading from a script or autocue, or improvising

Do You Want to Be on Radio?


$899.00 – this time only

5 – 90 minute modules

A life changing experience