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Imagine if, somewhere outside your current reality, there is a powerful expert who’s waiting patiently for you. I coach what I love. I ❤ what I do.


You came here with gifts that you are built for and inherently brilliant at. We are, none of us however, brilliant at everything. If you’re trying to handle it all, then surely, you’re exhausted and not getting where you know you can and should be.

If that’s you, stop wrangling yourself into different roles and responsibilities, stop sabotaging your progress. It’s time to work with a specialized mentor who excels at what you want to confidently do. If that resonates, let’s work together toward a common goal: Finishing the project of YOU SHINING IN MEDIA.

I tweak your interview and messaging skills into professional and savvy – it’s a mix of strategy, tech and personal coaching.

Yes, everyone can get better. I work with beginners and I work with pros who have already been doing this and are ready for a change, or are at a crossroads and desire a major up level. As my client, you will craft beautiful, successful and useable messaging. Let your message be the cure for all things ordinary.


I like to work with people who are willing to fly high, as well as folks hungry to excel in their business and enjoy ease in their communication skills.

Inquire on the CONTACT FORM if there is an opening for us to work together.

The clients I’ve worked with have gone on to do BIG THINGS, which makes me a happy, proud mama.

Clients receive beautiful, practical, meaningful coaching and strategy.

YOUR VIP Private Media Training One-Day

  • Are you an expert who can best present your niche?
  • Are you relaxed while interviewed on radio?
  • Do you know what to professionally prepare as a guest?
  • How to find best radio shows for your expertise?
  • Understand different types of shows and programs?
  • Need coaching to become an excellent, sought-after interview guest?
  • Is your web site media ready?

Exclusive VIP Private Training One-Day is completely focused on YOU. The day covers the critical information and “Industry Insider” strategies required to promote your expertise and products “on the air,” while effortlessly booking free radio and podcast interviews.

  • Private One Day: $7,000 / 8-hour day (Including morning drinks and lunch served)
  • BONUS GIFT: Receive the $499 Radio Interview Bootcamp program right away: audios plus workbook now, for investing in the one-day

All the information you need – straight from an expert who consistently works both sides of the radio microphone. Coach Debbi has her own award-winning, syndicated radio show heard on 66 stations, and is interviewed weekly as a Media and Success expert. She knows what is required and expected. If being interviewed and exquisite in media is what you desire – REGISTER for YOUR Exclusive VIP Private Training One-Day.

  • How to write a winning “pitch” for interviews
  • Your media kit and what it should contain
  • How to keep calm and connected during an interview
  • Private session to receive the skills to skyrocket you into confident and pro
  • Consistently get better and gain credibility in your field through a VIP One Day

Learn the secrets of radio publicity directly from an expert who has been interviewing on the talk radio for over a decade, and is also interviewed as an expert heard on media and radio shows.

In this select concierge package, Debbi shares secrets from years of success on both sides of the radio microphone.

Register Now for Your Exclusive VIP Private Media Training One-Day

YOUR VIP Private Media Training One-Day

Who Needs a Radio Coach Anyway?

  1. Are you getting the results you want?
  2. Know how to overcome fears so your outcome is you being easy and confident on the air?
  3. Are you booking radio shows?
  4. Do you get your message across?
  5. Do you get asked back to shows?
  6. Every personality type can be amazing on radio – the secret is how?
  7. Become so brilliant at your message that the shows and hosts come to you.
  8. Promote your business, book, product and personality successfully on air.
  9. Have all your systems in place so you are a pro.
  10. Overcome all fear and concerns so your outcome is an easy, unique you on the air waves.
  11. Transform into a skilled, savvy radio interview guest.

“Debbi Dachinger is a brilliant radio coach!  She adeptly sensed where my block was and with skill and grace moved me through it.  Her years of experience shown as she guided me into a space of greater confidence and skill. I was already interviewed on radio however desiring different experience and results. If you are eager to boost the effectiveness and comfort of doing radio interviews, Debbi will help you like she did me.  I highly recommend her.” – Dr. Deborah Sandella, Award-winning Author, International Speaker and Creator of RIM, for accelerated healing of mind and body

“Debbi Dachinger’s coaching on radio shows is a powerful resource. I previously spent thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns that didn’t amount to a quarter return on my investments. Now with Debbi’s coaching, this is the PRECISE formula in getting the platform to generate sales. Thanks to Debbi’s coaching, I now know what to do. If it was not our sessions, I would have continued to struggle. Debbi’s coaching is the “jet plane” that got me there! The cost is peanuts compared to what I attained when I applied her wisdom. I strongly endorse Debbi.” — Emeka, CEO of Hope Point Press Publishing

BUNDLE: PURCHASE “Master Media Plan” –Both PROGRAMS at a DISCOUNT (save $3,000!)

  • VIP Private Media Training 1 Day Plus: Int’l Bestselling Book Program + Radio Concierge Program
  • Register for both programs: VIP Media Training + Guaranteed International Bestseller Programs
  • Now Only: $15,000 for BOTH Programs
  • SAVE $1000 PLUS receive $2,000 in program as bonuses, total of $3,000 savings
  • BONUS: Receive the $499 Radio Interview Bootcamp program as a gift
  • BONUS: Receive the Self-Publish to International Bestseller Program, sold at $957, as a gift
  • BONUS: Receive a 1-hour coaching session to be used within one year. Valued at $500.
  • Register for Bestseller Book and Radio Programs Now for $15000 and Receive bonus comprehensive programs, plus coaching session to Save $3,000. –

BOOK – Your book will become an Amazon Bestseller–Guaranteed!
RADIO – Present yourself as an expert in your niche
Includes Bestselling Book and VIP Media Training Private One Day
You will start from your current skill level and leave the experience as a Pro.

OPTION: GROUP Workshop for RADIO. For a small group of 5-20 People of Advice, Coaching and Strategy*

  • $1,500 each participant
  • Organize 5 – 20 people for an intimate radio workshop.
  • Attendees pay $1500 each (the organizer attends free for organizing)
  • Learn all about being interviewed, how to message yourself, where to go to find shows and get booked, one-on-one coaching, exercises, workbooks. The experience creates results, group learning and major skills!
  • *Price reflects a group of 5 (or more) people at $1500 / per person

To Schedule Coach Debbi ~write to us on the CONTACT FORM let us know you have 5 or more people/ for a private group Radio mastery day, and what the particulars are.

RADIO BOOTCAMP PROGRAM: The Proven Secrets to Free Radio Interview Publicity

“How can I get on the radio?” is the #1 question that entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers, coaches and authors all ask.  Now radio coach, consultant, and expert Debbi Dachinger, has the answers to help you book radio interviews, easily too!
These Ground-Breaking Publicity and Training Coaching Sessionsshow YOU how to get booked for radio and podcast interviews. As well as the skills to bring your “A” game and be an amazing radio interview guest who gets results.

What Will I Learn?

  • Are you an expert? Know how to present your niche?
  • Be relaxed while interviewed on radio.
  • What to prepare to be a guest.
  • How to find best radio shows for your niche.
  • How to set up your web site.
  • What package to give the radio production team.
  • Understand different types of shows and programs.
  • Radio station vs. phone interview?
  • Soup to Nuts – everything to make you an excellent, sought-after radio guest.
  • What to do after your interview.
  • Is your web site media ready?
  • Consistently get better; gain credibility.
  • You will learn how to be a good and relaxed interview guest.
  • You will learn how to book yourself on radio shows.
  • Where to find the shows specific sites & methods that are simple.
  • You will learn how to get your message across.
  • You will discover how to be asked back to shows.
  • Every personality type can be amazing on radio – the secret is how.
  • Become so brilliant at your message that the shows and hosts come to you
  • Promote your business, book, product, service and personality successfully on air.
  • Have all your systems in place so you are a Pro. Overcome all fear and concerns so your outcome is an easy, unique you on the air waves.

“Before Debbi’s VIP Media Training Private One Day I had hired a publicist I was paying $3200/month. I couldn’t afford it anymore and was trying to handle their job, which did not go so well!  Then I started working with Coach Debbi.  Her program is getting me more guest spots than my publicist ever did. Debbi’s coaching is literally worth many tens of thousands of dollars – what a savings. Before her program, I was overwhelmed and dreading it. Now, I am successfully booking and appearing on media programs – lots of them. Thank you so much.” – Jennifer B.H.

“I took Debbi Dachinger’s Interview Class and it was very helpful in preparing me for radio interviews.  I learned what’s important to start booking media interviews and became confident and successful at doing it.  I subsequently went to hear Debbi speak at an event for entrepreneurs and business owners about radio interviews.  On an off-chance I gave her a copy of my latest radio interview and she went beyond the call of duty, Debbi listened to the whole interview on her own time and sent an incredibly helpful critique.  Debbi is very supportive and encouraging!  She’s a pleasure to work with and truly knows her craft!  I recommend Debbi’s programs to anyone who wants to promote themselves or their book!”  — Lawrence J. Danny CPA JD, Former IRS Agent, Author

PRIVATE SESSIONS: Hourly coaching


  • Hourly coaching is $500 / hour
  • 5 sessions: $485/hour x 5 = $2,425
  • 10 session package: $450/hour x 10 = $4,500 (save $500)

“I found Debbi Dachinger to be very personable and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of publishing, marketing and interviewing. Since I was already published, my primary interest was in re-launching my book, marketing, social media and interviewing. It has been a powerful learning experience for me personally to have this opportunity to receive Debbi’s superb coaching and direct engagement. I highly recommend Debbi and her services to authors, entrepreneurs, speakers and aspiring writers to obtain valuable insights into all facets of this industry. In addition, Debbi shared resources and creating a venue for me to thrive, which was a major contribution to reach audiences. I am now a bestseller, and often interviewed on the radio!” — Jean F. PhD., Transformational Author

“Debbi, I was just interviewed on my 1st high-end radio program. I told them afterwards that this was my 1st on air interview and they thought I was a veteran! Of course, I bragged about your coaching! Your mentoring has made a profound difference in how I speak. I am so confident moving forward with the next interviews as well.” — Jill, Hypnotherapist

“I leave for China Monday. Thanks to you Debbi, things are rapidly falling in place. I do so love being under estimated! You deserve much of the credit for my current evolution. Thanks Deb… you know how much I believe in your amazing coaching – it has changed my life! Keep working your magic, and keep Daring to DREAM!!!” — Robert Jenkins