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How to Get Free Publicity

Radio Interview Bootcamp

RADIO BOOTCAMP PROGRAM: The Proven Secrets to Free Radio Interview Publicity


“How can I get on the radio?” is the #1 question that entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers, coaches and authors all ask.  Now radio coach, consultant, and expert Debbi Dachinger, has the answers to help you book radio interviews, easily too!
These Ground-Breaking Publicity and Training Coaching Sessionsshow YOU how to get booked for radio and podcast interviews. As well as the skills to bring your “A” game and be an amazing radio interview guest who gets results.

What Will I Learn?

  • Are you an expert? Know how to present your niche?
  • Be relaxed while interviewed on radio.
  • What to prepare to be a guest.
  • How to find best radio shows for your niche.
  • How to set up your web site.
  • What package to give the radio production team.
  • Understand different types of shows and programs.
  • Radio station vs. phone interview?
  • Soup to Nuts – everything to make you an excellent, sought-after radio guest.
  • What to do after your interview.
  • Is your web site media ready?
  • Consistently get better; gain credibility.
  • You will learn how to be a good and relaxed interview guest.
  • You will learn how to book yourself on radio shows.
  • Where to find the shows specific sites & methods that are simple.
  • You will learn how to get your message across.
  • You will discover how to be asked back to shows.
  • Every personality type can be amazing on radio – the secret is how.
  • Become so brilliant at your message that the shows and hosts come to you
  • Promote your business, book, product, service and personality successfully on air.
  • Have all your systems in place so you are a Pro. Overcome all fear and concerns so your outcome is an easy, unique you on the air waves.

I was enrolled in Debbi’s Radio Mastery coaching program to be the best talk show guest. Before Debbi, I had hired a publicist I was paying $3200/month but I couldn’t afford it anymore and was trying to handle the publicists job. It did not go so well!  Then I started working with Coach Debbi and learned the amazing information she shares – her program is getting me more guest spots than my publicist ever did. Debbi’s coaching is literally worth tens of thousands of dollars – what a savings. Before your program, Debbi, I was overwhelmed and dreading it. Now, I am successfully booking on and appearing on radio programs – lots of them. Thank you so much.” Jennifer B.H.

“I took Debbi Dachinger’s Interview Class and it was very helpful in preparing me for radio interviews.  I learned what’s important to start booking media interviews and became confident and successful at doing it.  I subsequently went to hear Debbi speak at an event for entrepreneurs and business owners about radio interviews.  On an off-chance I gave her a copy of my latest radio interview and she went beyond the call of duty, Debbi listened to the whole interview on her own time and sent an incredibly helpful critique.  Debbi is very supportive and encouraging!  She’s a pleasure to work with and truly knows her craft!  I recommend Debbi’s programs to anyone who wants to promote themselves or their book!”  — Lawrence J. Danny CPA JD, Former IRS Agent, Author

“WOW! Debbi, this was the BEST investment I’ve ever made! Thank you so much – I am so glad we have connected. You are just a blessing on this planet to help others understand how to be interviewed on radio – I now know how to share important messages.” — Karin V.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: Hourly coaching


  • Hourly coaching is $500 / hour
  • 5 sessions: $485/hour x 5 = $2,425
  • 10 session package: $450/hour x 10 = $4,500 (save $500)

I found Debbi Dachinger to be very personable and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of publishing, marketing and interviewing. Since I was already published, my primary interest was in re-launching my book, marketing, social media and interviewing. It has been a powerful learning experience for me personally to have this opportunity with Debbi for superb coaching and direct engagement. I highly recommend Debbi and her services to authors, entrepreneurs, speakers and aspiring writers to obtain valuable insights into all facets of this industry.”Jean F. PhD., Transformational Author

Debbi, I was just interviewed on my 1st high-end radio program. I told them afterwards that this was my 1st on air interview and they thought I was a veteran! Of course, I bragged about your coaching! I am so fortunate to have you train me – your coaching has made a profound difference in how I speak – and am interviewed. I am very confident moving forward with the next interviews I’ve already bookedl.”Jill, Hypnotherapist

“I leave for China Monday. Thanks to you Debbi, things are rapidly falling in place. I do so love being under estimated! You deserve much of the credit for my current evolution. Thanks Deb… you know how much I believe in your amazing coaching – it has changed my life! Keep working your magic, and keep Daring to DREAM!!!” — Robert Jenkins