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happened to you?

You’re ready to begin writing the book that has been calling to you to become an author —  and you dream of rushing excitedly to see your published book on book shelves, when you realize that you don’t know how to write a book and you don’t even know where to start?

I make media visibility possible for entrepreneurs by ensuring they write their page-turner book, take it to guaranteed international bestseller, and get scheduled on radio and podcast interviews.

 They call me The Book Whisperer. I talk to the books; they tell me their secrets. I show you the secrets of creating your book into what it is asking to be.


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Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

Debbi delivers on what she promises, which is huge in this business! I have four published books and have worked with many publicists. They make promises that leave me feeling disappointed. Not with Debbi! She created the perfect international bestseller campaign that brought me to #1 in 11 countries, more than 50 five-star reviews to date, presence with the media with a stellar press release, a wonderful book trailer I have used many places online, introductions to podcasters, perfect pitch copy, and lots of heartfelt encouragement. She is worth the investment. I will recommend her to my author friends, too.
Marcia Reynolds
Author of the international bestseller, Coach the Person, Not the Problem
Debbi: Wow! This has been a long-time goal of mine (and a longtime coming) and I had no idea that my book would go in this direction. Stumbling upon you has been a virtual blessing. A force of nature! If I had not have met you I would not have gotten my book out into the world in such a big way. I enjoy powerful, passionate women. My appreciation to you for changing my entire writing journey into one of great ease, creativity and success.  Thank you for your inspiration, your confidence and your strong guidance.
Susan L. Kendall
Thanks for all your brilliant insights. Debbi Dachinger’s coaching inspired, empowered, and enlightened me to finally give myself permission to birth my manuscript.  It was always on my “want to do someday” list.  I honestly believe that without Debbi and her direction I would never have done this.  There was passion and power brought to the coaching conversation each time.  Each working session I benefitted in a substantial way.  Thank you, Debbi, for your honesty, your passion and your gifts!
Beverly Brodsky
Inspirational Speaker, Workshop & Lectures, Spiritual Life Coaching
Debbi is the most brilliant coach I know. I’ve gone through several book coaches, none are as knowledgeable, motivating or creative as she has proven to be. If you want to birth a book, she’s the best book doula around. I have no doubt she will take you from stalled out to stellar!
Siddiqi Soul Ray
Internationally acclaimed photographer and Soul Portrait photographer, and inspirational speaker
“I’m about to go national.  Wall Street journal.  I owe it to you.  Getting to #1 international best seller was huge in my life.  Thank you so much.
Mark Stopa
Lawyer, bestselling author of “People V Money