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Debbi Dachinger

How to Be Visible & Get Paid: Bestselling Books, Interview Engagements,
Powerful Messaging for Leaders and Global Messengers.
Receive your Media Makeover now.

How to Get Free Publicity

Success and Media Expert

MEDIA MAKEOVERS:  Debbi offers unique media coaching and consulting so you get clear on your message; plus, authors receive an international Bestselling Book program, as well as award-wining, syndicated radio and podcast shows, with radio hosting opportunities.

Entrepreneurs, authors, healers, business people – global messengers and leaders hire Debbi so they can breakthrough media barriers to gain authority as a bestselling author and as an expert guest interview. Because most writers’ books never get read and most interview guests do not get clients or sales from their interviews on radio. They’re playing to small ineffective markets, haven’t been properly coached and unfortunately don’t realize they are confusing and inconsistent, so I help them unleash their key message to become world class bestselling authors and offer powerful interviews with authority, whether they are speaking for 5 minutes or one hour. Bottom line, they will become well known experts who raise awareness, enjoy free PR, gain visibility and have business success each time they write or open their mouth.

  • DARE TO … Dazzle
  • be Delicious
  • Declare
  • Dominate
  • have Dignity
  • be Dashing
  • Dance
  • be Dynamic
  • Dulce
  • Demonstrate
  • be Determined
  • Dream
  • have Direction
  • be Different
  • you’re Desirable
  • Dare
  • Delight
  • Distinguish
  • Deliver
  • Dedicate
  • have Discipline
  • you Deserve
  • you’re a Diamond
  • Delegate
  • Discover
  • Decide

Welcome to your Daring New Life

Welcome to your Daring New Life!

A cut above the rest? A positive experience is available when you do business with Debbi.

Clients receive: Delivery. Integrity. Trust. Positive Change.

Debbi helps leaders and global change makers with a media makeover.

Debbi works with clients to provide full service book, broadcast, and radio interviewing
and radio/podcast hosting solutions
. She is a certified coach and globally known consultant.

Through her transformational programs your book will become an international bestseller, you will receive strategy coaching, get recognized as an expert in your field, and be recognized for your congruent key messages and learn how to speak in sound bites!

Gain media insight and actionable content. Clarify and deepen your message to create the future you’re dreaming of now.

It’s all about YOU, being a visionary and leading the pack.

Receive personal mentoring to take the reins of your career, through her step by step process to build a five-star interview presence and bestselling books.

Develop your results to take your talent to the next level. Obtain winning tactics to be a bestselling book author and have a radio and media presence: on air, online or on location.

If you’re ready to rock and roll into success and use media in a BIG way, I will help you.

Come join the band, let’s make beautiful music, see how free you can be, just being you, and allowing YOUR gifts to work for you.

Debbi Dachinger

Debbi Dachinger hosts Dare to Dream Radio, for over ten years. She is an expert interview mentor and coach and her clients gain major interview skills and learn proper packaging.

Debbi is the author of three international bestselling books and a featured author in twelve bestselling anthologies. She is the CEO of My Bestseller Book, a service for authors that guarantees their book international bestselling status. Clients additionally hire her for special media training through private programs, from stage and through workshops.

Debbi is a Media Personality who has been interviewed on over 800 media outlets. She’s a syndicated, award-winning radio host, she interviews celebrities on the red carpet, is hired as an on-camera live-stream event host, professional stage speaker, certified coach, bestselling author, and is a success and media expert.

DEBBI has been exploring the world of wine for several years, in classes such as Wine Tasting, The Wine Grid, plus Wine and Food Pairing.  Debbi is a Certified Spanish Wine Specialist, and a Certified Italian Wine Specialist.  Debbi continues to explore her many dreams and lives out loud!

Quotes From Debbi Dachinger

"When it tests you, it will also transform you."

"Know your limits and then defy them."

"You can do anything. Say YES to your life. Say YES to your dreams."

"Stop trying to figure everything out, just start."

"Let your unique flag fly. It’s attractive and compelling to be who you truly are. Stop blending in."

"Your dreams will lead you to the greatness you came here to be."

"Make your life one that causes you to respect yourself."

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