The Ultimate Visibility Formula
How to Be Interviewed on Podcast and Media

Debbi Dachinger has helped hundreds of people get interviewed on media as they saved $50,000 per year by booking their own publicity. Debbi has hosted her award-winning radio and podcast show for over 17 years; she’s been interviewed on over 2,000 media outlets, including George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM radio show, and George Noory’s Beyond Belief GAIA TV show. She is a media icon of influence, listed in the world’s best podcasters directory, and regularly coaches private and group visibility clients.

The Ultimate Visibility Formula is the world’s leading program that shows you how to become a recognizable expert, building a distinguished presence through media interviews.

Do you know that the #1 question entrepreneurs ask is ~ How can I get booked on radio and podcast interviews? I’ve created the ultimate visibility formula which shows entrepreneurs the entire interview system. so far, I’ve had 100% success track record in showing excited clients the process and coaching their interview skills. I then enjoy watching the participants book media interviews like pros, as often as they like, as they become go-to experts in their field from the powerful media visibility.

I’m hoping to reach 10,000 new coaches, speakers, authors and entrepreneurs to share these interview skills because radio and podcast shows have doubled in number every year for the past decade – and they are looking for guests just like you.

I have over 15 years’ experience working both sides of the microphone – as an award-winning podcast host and as an interview guest on over 1,000 media outlets. I bring the ultimate visibility formula to my group and private sessions so that now my clients new #1 question is – how did my business income and clients double so quickly?!

“I finished the Ultimate Visibility Formula program. It was amazing! This has already accelerated my engagement with publicity opportunities. I was blown away throughout the course. First the videos are short, sweet, and get to the point quickly. Second, the tool kit!! The tool kit alone is worth the price of admission. Templates, contacts – everything I need is at my fingertips. Thirdly, the easy-to-follow steps to ACTION. This isn’t theory. This isn’t only Debbi’s wisdom sharing. Although, there is plenty of that. This is what to DO to get booked and visible. Lastly, proof. I’ve already been booked on 3 shows, including international shows. This works. And now that I have all my work done and on the “shelf,” it’s just so easy to keep up with my visibility plans. I never have to reinvent the wheel for myself again. Highly recommend this program IF you want to be interviewed and have great results. Thank you so much, Debbi.”    — Holly Duckworth, Ph.D.



Visibility coaching is a powerful mix of marketing consulting, training, healing +powerful behavioral coaching.

 In my coaching practice, I primarily work with spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders, speakers, authors, and healers who long to take their work to the next level, but they struggle with frustration, lack of media knowledge, and the discomfort of going from knowing how to go from where their business is right now to being more powerfully visible with results. here are a few examples:

  • boosting visibility by exposure on TV, radio, podcasts, stages, magazines, and books.
  • daring to have authentic conversations that bring in customers, sell books, fill workshops, and free you to be a successful entrepreneur.

What My Students Say:

When it came to submitting myself for podcasts, I was at a complete loss.  I didn’t know what to say to the hosts or how to reach out to them and sound professional (or even what to include in the email).  Debbi's program was beyond my expectations.  Now I feel very confident in reaching out to podcast hosts, and I’m coming across  professional and polished.  In addition, working with Debbi I found my deeper purpose.  Before I was playing small and not revealing all of my gifts and strengths for fear of being judged.  What a gift Debbi has given to show me my higher self and accept nothing less.  I’ve also connected with amazing people through the course.  I’m now speaking on multiple podcasts and feeling very confident in what I’m here to do in the process.
Jennifer Weber
Best Selling Author, Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach
Wow Wow Wow.  After taking Debbi's course called the Ultimate Visibility Formula, I am blown away.  She had everything mapped out so anyone can do this.  If you are a person who needs to get out your brand, market yourself or your business, then the Ultimate Visibility Formula, is for you.  Debbi provides a detailed step by step plan in how you can easily be doing it.  It's from A-Z and once the template is created, everything begins to flow with ease and grace.  Debbi puts her heart out for you and goes the extra mile to make sure that what she is teaching....lands.   Thank you, Debbi, for an astounding experience.
Keith Tong, HHP, B.HSc
Quantum Doctor/Co-Founder
Taking the Ultimate Visibility Course with Debbi Dachinger was one f the best decisions of my life. In the past I’d struggled with finding my message, and also with how to get that message out into the world. At the conclusion of Debbi’s class, I am completely confident in knowing what my message is, and even better, I was booked on radio shows and podcasts within a couple weeks!
Renae’ Mussachio
Internationally known and respected energy therapist and author
Debbi, thank you for your powerful training. You are a delightful presenter and teacher.  Your caring so comes through and my mastermind program coaching clients received major benefits from the 6-week program you took them through.  You are a gift to all of your students with your genius. I'm sending love and heart-felt good wishes.
Suzy Prudden
Itty Bitty Publishing

“Debbi is a business intuitive who works with ambitious, strategic entrepreneurs who want to get their mojo back. She serves creatives by taking the visibility blocks in someone’s world and setting up a working strategy for profitability. Once you say YES, Debbi is good on her word and completes what she says she will. In the end, she experiences the joy of success with her clients.” 

— Baeth Davis, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Coach