Guaranteed International
Best Seller Fully Done For You!

Guaranteed International
Best Seller Fully Done For You!

In my decades-long career, I’ve worked with many talented men and women to help them INCREASE their VISIBILITY and turn their books into BESTSELLERS.

I’ve developed a specialty in helping entrepreneurs address their blocks and fears so that their business can explode to new heights with a PUBLISHED, BEST-SELLING BOOK.


Even if your book is already published, I will work with you to achieve a bestseller status.
  • Your book is promoted to a global following!
  • The day of launch you’re provided comprehensive reports, including bestseller proofs, as the book’s rankings rise!
  • A professional book press release is written for your book and widely distributed!
  • Your book will be promoted to our International Advisory Board!
  • You will be interviewed on a handful of radio and podcast programs, with popular hosts and programs
  • Book video trailer (your book’s message with music, plus distribution)
  • You receive marketing ‘copy’ for the book launch (newsletter and tweets) to send out to your database and friends.
  • You’ll get final Google analytics.
  • Plus, two bonus strategy calls with Debbi

I guarantee my services. Email me to set up your book launch date:


“Debbi delivers on what she promises, which is huge in this business! I have four published books and have worked with many publicists. They make promises that leave me feeling disappointed. Not with Debbi! She created the perfect international bestseller campaign that brought me to #1 in 11 countries, more than 50 five star reviews to date, presence with the media with a stellar press release, a wonderful book trailer I have used many places online, introductions to podcasters, perfect pitch copy, and lots of heartfelt encouragement. She is worth the investment. I recommend her services to all my author friends.” — Dr. Marcia Reynolds, international bestselling author, Coach the Person, Not the Problem


Guaranteed and done
for you!

The International Best Seller Launch Campaign. Guaranteed and done for you!


DIY online program Self Publish to International Bestselling Book

Self Publish your Book. Receive important direction to successfully launch and market your book.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

“Debbi is a master-manifester. She has the refined ability to actively listen, draw out your passions, and create a collective roadmap with how to make them even more fruitful than you had imagined. That is special. It was a joy to work with Debbi and I look forward to our paths crossing in the future.”
Alka Dhillon
Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Technalink, Inc.
"It is so wonderful to speak to someone who gets you and what you are creating. No limits, no conclusions and no tethers to ‘you can’t’ or ‘not possible.’ Just what’s next and how big do you want to go? Thank you, Debbi, Dachinger for the amazing coach and consult work we’ve done together. It is a life and business game-changer!"
Lauren Polly
Access Consciousness Facilitator, International bestselling author
"Working with Debbi changed the trajectory of my book project from mediocre to spectacular.  Her knowledge of the industry and deep insights into my messaging delivered during her intensive VIP Private one-day session ensured a media success for my book – and my media interviews.  I invested in BOTH of Debbi’s media programs: for bestselling book and for media interviews — this retooled everything I was doing into much greater ease and fast success.  Thank you, Debbi, for being the magic behind the media for my book and presenting my message."
Lisa Broderick
Author of In The Now
"I achieved bestseller in the United States in several categories and Number 1 Internationally in several categories. I’m so glad that I hired Debbi. When I first spoke to her I asked her what I’d have to do. She said that I’d be responsible for giving her a few links to things that already existed, and approvals on work that she would do. I remember thinking to myself, “Yeah, right. There will be more for me to do.” Well there wasn’t. The process was simple and seamless. Everything went exactly as planned. She set up media interviews for me to get me additional exposure. She coached me in how to further my “bestseller status,” and around aspects of running my business – which I did not expect. Here I am now, the book is launched, I’m an international bestseller and I’m excited about everything it is already bringing in."
Carrie Greene
International Bestselling Author, Money Coach
"WOW!!!!! #1 international book in the U.K., U.S., AU and CA. This is incredible Debbi. Thank you for your believing in me and for your support. This is stunning. My assistant and I hit up local bookstores to discuss consignment today. One store told us we’d be put on a wait list of 60 books before we’d be looked at. When we mentioned my book is now an international bestseller, she said, “Oh well, yes, of course. We can certainly expedite the process. Do you have copies with you today?” Sending you many virtual hugs until I can give one to you in person!"
Kara Deringer
Speaker, Success Coach, Organizational Consultant, and Three Times Bestselling Author

“Debbi is a business intuitive who works with ambitious, strategic entrepreneurs who want to get their mojo back. She serves creatives by taking the visibility blocks in someone’s world and setting up a working strategy for profitability. Once you say YES, Debbi is good on her word and completes what she says she will. In the end, she experiences the joy of success with her clients.” 

— Baeth Davis, Purpose-Driven entrepreneur coach