"Portal at Sea: Galactic Origins Cruise"

Join with Like-Minded Souls in the Experience of a Lifetime.

Debbi Will Be Speaking!

Embark on a transformative journey aboard the inagural Portal At Sea: Galactic Origins Cruise, set to sail in Dec of 2024.
In this time of unprecedented change, we invite you to join us for an extraordinary voyage filled with lectures, workshops, presentations, live music, special events, and amazing excursions.
During the course of the cruise, we will explore cosmic revelations, extraterrestrial life, hidden wisdom, and Earth’s true history through the eyes of our brilliant line up of international speakers hailed from all over the world.
Join us on this unparalleled journey where transparency, integrity, and the liberation of hidden knowledge await.

When you register, please make it clear in the referal section that you heard about the cruise from me (very important!), by typing in Debbi Dachinger, or Dare to Dream